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Understanding Modified Comparative Fault: How Your Settlement is Affected

How is Negligence Decided in a Personal Injury Claim? 

When an accident occurs, it isn't always easy to establish who is at fault or to blame for another person's injuries. 

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Negotiating an Injury Claim VS. Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Accidents happen, and they often occur without notice and warning. Some victims are involved in car accidents, injured in medical malpractice mistakes, bit by a dog, or slipped and fell in a store. Whatever the case, injury victims are legally entitled to financial compensation for their losses and sustained injuries.

After suffering an injury, many questions arise about an accident. Do questions arise such as: Who is liable for the accident? How will medical expenses and time off work be covered? Who is responsible for property damage? And most importantly how and who should handle my injury case?

While these are all important items to be addressed; understanding the differences between an injury claim and a personal injury lawsuit will help all the other pieces fall into place. It's crucial to have basic knowledge of both a claim and a lawsuit to grasp your legal options moving forward in handling your injury case. 


Topics: Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me

Helpful Tips When Selecting a Personal Injury Attorney

Tips to Selecting the best lawyer for your Personal Injury Case

The first thing you want to do when choosing a lawyer is to sit down with your possible legal representation and discuss the details of your claim and the possible ways of handling it.

Make sure you bring copies of all the important documents including:

  • police reports
  • medical records and bills
  • income loss information
  • all correspondence with the insurance company.
The first interview between you and your lawyer should be free of charge, if you are charged for the consultation, go somewhere else to seek legal counsel immediately. 
Topics: Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me