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5 Reasons to Hire a Workers' Compensation Attorney

Hiring an Attorney for Your Workers' Compensation Claim  

Workers' Compensation benefits were put in place to provide money and medical benefits to workers who suffer an injury on-the-job.

As much as you may like to handle your work injury claim on your own, it is the adjuster's job to minimize the total cost of every single claim, including yours, which means you will almost never receive the compensation that you deserve without the help of an experienced Workers' Compensation Attorney

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Top 3 Occupations That Cause The Most Work Injuries

Injuries at work happen more frequently than most people think, and until you are the one hurt, you probably won’t pay much attention to occupational dangers, unless you are customized to a dangerous work environment or substantially risky processes.  

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Uber Fights To Keep Drivers Classified As Independent Contractors: Is This Safe For Riders?

Lawsuits against Uber have been springing up for some years now, though many of those cases have been dismissed, current rulings seem to be leaning in the opposite direction.

Since the beginning, Uber has classified their drivers as independent contractors, rather than employees. Several states, including New York, Texas, and Georgia have held for Uber’s classification practices, but California did not follow suit.

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