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Why Do I Need an Accident Doctor Referral?

If you ever want to receive a settlement for your injuries, you must prove that the injuries happened because of the accident. This is why an accident doctor is beneficial to your case. 

To prove your injury, our personal injury attorneys require detailed documentation describing the characteristics of the accident and the injuries that resulted. 

You need to be seen by a doctor to have the necessary documentation to prove your injuries in your personal injury case.


Gaps in Your Medical Care

It is extremely challenging for a personal injury attorney to try your case if they see a gap in medical care. There should not be a long break from the time of your accident to the time you are seen by medical professionals.

Insurance companies view this as a red flag. They will assume that you were never injured in your accident, and they will begin to look at other reasons you may have gotten hurt.

Either way, it is critical that you schedule an appointment with an accident doctor, chiropractor, or therapist immediately following your car wreck, slip and fall, work injury, or any other type of personal injury. The longer you wait, the less opportunity you have to win your case.


How Will My Doctor Bills Get Paid?

Typically, our attorneys work on a medical lien that states your attorney will pay an accident doctor after the personal injury case has been resolved. This means you won't pay out-of-pocket expenses or upfront fees!

Please, don't take a chance with your accident injuries. Let our personal injury attorneys refer you to a qualified accident injury doctor so you can get the treatment you require and the proper documentation you need for your case. Our attorneys at Helping the Hurt can help you get the settlement you deserve!



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