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How Car Insurance Effects Your Car Accident Lawsuit

Throughout the United States, it is illegal for drivers to not have Auto Insurance.

The penalties for not having auto insurance can vary from receiving a Ticket, to having the registration for your vehicle revoked, to having your license suspended for several months.

No matter what state you live in, the penalty for getting caught driving without auto insurance will also include a hefty fee.

So, if everyone has auto insurance, then how does the insurance coverage effect a potential car accident lawsuit ?

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What Are The Most Common Personal Injury Cases

Common Personal Injury Accident Cases 

Personal Injury Accidents occur every single day, making them an inevitable part of life. When accidents are severe, the injured party may be able to file a Personal Injury Lawsuit and obtain compensation for their suffering. 

The purpose of a personal injury claim is to compensate those who were injured because of another's reckless or careless behavior.

Monetary compensation can be awarded for physical damages, emotional stress, lost wages, loss of companionship, and medical expenses. 

Each personal injury claim will require its own set of laws and procedures for the victim to receive the compensation that they deserve. When looking for assistance, it's always advised that you contact an experienced Personal Injury Attorney for legal help. 

Some of the most common cases that a Personal Injury Attorney will handle include: 

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What you need to know about your Georgia Truck Accident Case

It's every driver's worst nightmare. That huge Semi-Truck barreling towards you, losing control and crashing into you, causing devastating injuries to you and your passengers.

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Steps in a Personal Injury Case - Your Timeline to Win

If you have been in an accident and are seeking out legal advice, understanding the process of a personal injury case is the first step to protecting yourself from a legal standpoint and getting the settlement you deserve.

Personal Injury cases can be very complex because every case is unique. 

In this article, we will walk you through the entire process of filing a personal injury claim so that you can hopefully make the best decisions for you.

So on that note, where do you get started?

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How Long Does it Take to Get a Settlement From a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Determining how long a Personal Injury Lawsuit will take and what settlement you will receive is difficult because every case is different and involves many different factors.

A case that is settled before trial will take a considerable less amount of time than one that goes to trial.

The typical personal injury case can take anywhere from a few months to years to resolve.

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Reasons to Hire a Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Why You Need a Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip and Fall Accident Injuries can easily occur when an area is not properly maintained leaving the victims with medical bills, missed time at work, or lost wages.

For most people, this could create a financial burden leaving the injured person in need of a Personal Injury Attorney to help them receive the compensation they deserve for their injuries and damages. 

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13 Laws You Should Know If You're In Georgia

The famous southern state of Georgia is home to about 3,936,270 people with millions flocking yearly to visit popular tourist attractions.

The Peach State is home to boiled peanuts, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, and Coca-Cola. With so much to see and do in the vast state of Georgia, there are bound to be accidents resulting in personal injury. 

 So whether you are settling down in Savannah or touring Stone Mountain, getting a grasp on these 14 laws will better prepare you in case you become suddenly stuck in a jam. 

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Colonial Pipeline Ruptures Causing Georgia Gas Shortage

As if combating heavy traffic isn’t enough for Atlanta drivers to concur throughout the work week, now a new problem arises: gas shortages following an Alabama pipeline leak; and the shortages have escalated so bad Georgia drivers wonder if they can find an operative gas station within their city limits.

Russell Stookey an attorney in North Georgia reports, “We’re out of gas “Every station I’ve gone by, they’ve got signs saying, ‘no gas.’ Reports of closed stations varied from Conyers to Carrollton and further.

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Understanding Modified Comparative Fault: How Your Settlement is Affected

How is Negligence Decided in a Personal Injury Claim? 

When an accident occurs, it isn't always easy to establish who is at fault or to blame for another person's injuries. 

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How to Get the "Right" Medical Treatment and Increase the Value of your Injury Claim

After filing a claim for an injury, insurance adjusters will investigate your accident and the injuries sustained to determine a settlement amount.

When determining your “total damages,” adjusters will use a formula looking at the type of medical treatment you receive, and the kind of medical providers from who you receive treatment.

A key component of this equation is called "Medical Specials," which just mean the amount that you have spent on medical bills while having your injuries diagnosed and treated. Medical specials typically make up a significant portion of the financial damages in your claim, including any pain and suffering awarded to your settlement amount.

Nonetheless, not all medical treatment is uniform in the eyes of an insurance company, and some types of treatment will be taken more seriously, and hence rated higher than others when it comes down to a final calculation for damages and pain and suffering.  

Learn what medical treatment and health care providers are valued higher when figuring the cost of your injury claim: 

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