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What You Need To Do After A Bicycle Accident

Car accidents are scary.

The initial shock of the accident, dealing with injuries, working with insurance companies, fixing or replacing your car, filing a personal injury can all be very overwhelming.

When you are on a bicycle, and you get into an accident with a car, everything is amplified.

When you ride your bicycle, you are 100% vulnerable and at the mercy of every car, truck, and van on the road.

There is absolutely nothing protecting you from the other cars and the pavement below your tires.

Fortunately, most bicycle accidents don't involve cars.

When you are involved in an accident riding your bike, it's important to stay alert and focused after the crash, if at all possible.

The actions you take immediately following the accident can have a huge impact on how much you are able to recover for your injuries and the damage done to your bike.

Your actions will also be a factor in the outcome of any lawsuits that are filed.

In the article below, we will talk about what you need to do immediately following an accident on your bicycle.

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