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Accidents resulting in personal injuries can happen at any time. Most people chalk them up as being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you have been injured or harmed in Johns Creek, Georgia due to the negligence of someone else our Personal Injury Lawyers can help!

personal injury lawyer Johns Creek, GA Car accidents seem to be the most common in personal injury accidents. Still, we may suffer personal injuries or property damage while at home, at work, or even walking on the sidewalks or streets. 

Some personal injury cases entail a lawyer while some don’t. Regardless of your situation, our highly experienced Johns Creek injury attorneys will educate you on everything you need to know to win your case.

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How do I choose the best personal injury lawyer?

Attorneys seem to be everywhere, and they come in all shapes and sizes. When you have been injured deciding on a lawyer can be overwhelming. Some attorneys have their names and faces plastered on billboards others don’t even advertise. Some have offices in high rise buildings, and some work out of strip malls. 

When searching for an attorney check their credentials

Regardless of where you found your attorney, make sure they are a member in good standing of their state and local bar association. Larger bar associations have attorney referral lists you can access without any cost. Reference online referral guides to get a good idea of a lawyers skill and reputation.  Some well-known programs are:

  • Avvo Ratings
  • Martindale Peer Reviews
  • Super Lawyers

Why Should you Hire Our Personal Injury Lawyers 

  • We will put a dollar value on your injury 
  • Will use expert witness and testimonials to back your case
  • Has been winning cases and helping the hurt for many years
  • Demands justice from all parties who are liable
  • Available 24/7 to answer questions or assist
What is Georgia Personal Injury Law?

Most personal injury cases are based on the ideology of negligence. Negligence holds standards for society to behave responsibly and avoid putting others at risk. That doesn’t inquire that in the event someone does become injured or harmed that negligence wasn’t a factor.

Negligence does acknowledge the fact that some accidents are unavoidable. To show liability, the plaintiff must show evidence that a reasonably sensible person in the defendant’s position would have acted differently in that circumstance.

Our legal team will obtain medical records, interview witnesses, retrieve police reports, and any other documentation needed to deliver the evidence bringing forth guilty parties who are at fault.   

The 3 kinds of wrongful conduct involving Personal Injury Claims
  1. Strict Liability- Is growing in tort law, and is becoming more substantial. The law holds designers and manufacturers responsible for injuries and defective products. This includes designing and selling unsafe products. Or, if certain elements are met, plaintiffs hurt by a defective product.
  2. Intentional wrongs- Even though rarer, intentional wrongs can still be categorized as a personal injury claim. If someone strikes you, for example, even as a joke, you could have a case for battery. Or if a store detective mistakenly detains you for shoplifting, you may be able to win a suit for false imprisonment. In other situations, the defendant acts purposefully to harm the plaintiff. Examples include assault, battery, and infliction of emotional distress.
  3. Negligence- This the most common of all conducts. The legal definition states that someone can be held liable for injuries and property damage if their behavior falls short of reasonable standards.

To decide whether conduct is reasonable or not, our Johns Creek Injury Attorneys carefully investigate the circumstances that led to the wrongdoing, then decide what a reasonable person would have done under these conditions. Actions that are decided not reasonable under those circumstances can be classified as unacceptable, or negligent conduct.

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We can help put a dollar value on your injury. Our legal team in Johns Creek will carefully gather all facts, interview all individuals necessary, determine your losses, and hold the involved parties liable for the extent of your injuries.Johns Creek Personal Injury Attorney Help

Our professional Personal Injury attorneys strive to aggressively take on each case. We will passionately deliberate all testimony and evidence gathered, in order to gain the highest compensation possible for our clients losses. Our individualistic approach towards each client drives us to be better than the rest.

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