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Tips on How To Keep Your Social Security Benefits

Seeking Social Security Benefits

Applying for social security disability is not easy and depending on the circumstances can be a very complicated process. The Social Security Disability System contains a very complex set of rules and regulations making it extremely hard for the average person to receive payments successfully on their own. It’s important once you are approved to make sure you obtain your benefits.

Applying for Social Security Benefits

Understanding your social security benefits

It is common for your claim to be reviewed by the SSA eighteen months to a year after your approval. This is especially standard in cases where it looks as if your condition will improve shortly pending surgery or proper medical attention.

To keep your social security benefits, the most beneficial thing you can do is to attend your doctor's appointments regularly. The recommendation is to see your medical provider at least once every three months to maintain regular treatment.

The function of social security benefits is to provide medical treatment and financial aid to those who become unable to work due to a disability. The objective is with the proper medical care; a physically challenged person will return to optimal health and be able to obtain a healthy work ethic.

If the claimant fails to get better, then he or she cannot return to work. As long as your condition does not improve and this is reported in your medical records, then eligibility for disability benefits should not end. This is why it is essential to maintain medical treatment, comply with the doctor’s orders, and keep a proper record of all diagnosis and treatments.

4 Steps to follow to keep your social security benefits:

  1. Schedule doctor appointments regularly (at least every three months)
  2. Follow your health care provider’s recommendations carefully, i.e. take medications, get XRAYS and blood work, seriously consider any suggested surgery or procedures and discuss the pros and cons
  3. Inform the doctor of any changes in your medical condition both good and bad, if there are no changes talk about that too
  4. Refrain from drug, tobacco, and alcohol use; social security wants to know you aren’t inhibiting your health status to worsen

When it is time for your claim to be reviewed, as long as your medical condition hasn’t improved to the point where you can maintain a job, work full-time, and you have exercised regular medical treatment, you should retain your benefits.

Other common reasons for your benefits to be revoked:
  • Changes in your income and health
  • Medical improvement
  • Returning to work
  • Reaching retirement age
  • Being incarcerated or institutionalized
  • Change in living situation
  • Turning the age of 18

If you are applying or have been denied social security benefits, our social security disability attorneys at our Atlanta office proudly represent disability applicants helping them acheive benefits and financial support. 

The rules and regulations about the social security disability system are extremely challenging and require the knowledge of professional legal counsel to aid you in achieving benefits; we offer free reviews, Contact Us Today!   

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