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Medical Malpractice Attorney in AtlantaPrescription Drugs have been known to help improve or prolong lives. However, improper use and Pharmacy Error can lead to serious injury or even death. If you believe that you or a loved one has suffered serious injury from the use of a prescription drug error, you need to speak with a Pharmacy Drug Error Attorney as soon as possible.  

When a Pharmaceutical Drug is prescribed, it is assumed that the drug is safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Many prescription drugs have adverse side effects, and it is the responsibility of the Pharmaceutical companies to ensure that prescription drugs are safe for patients to use. Doctors also have a responsibility to inform their patients of any potential side effects or make an informed decision on which Pharmaceutical Drugs to prescribe. 

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Common Drug Error Lawsuits

There are several different reasons why a Pharmaceutical Lawsuit can be filedDrug Error Attorney in Atlanta

  1. Improper Prescription of a Pharmaceutical Drug: If a medical professional prescribes the wrong drug in error or fails to explain the side effects associated with the particular drug, they could be held liable for their negligent actions. 
  2. Improper Prescription Refill: The pharmacist improperly fills your prescription or supplies you with the wrong medication.
  3. Drug Recall: Taking a prescribed or over the counter drug that later is recalled due to health hazards. 
  4. Product Failure: There have been cases of Pharmaceutical companies marketing a drug to help a condition that has not been proven effective. 

The FDA Fails to Protect Harmful Drugs from Entering Public Households 

Most people are under the impression that the FDA approves all drugs on the market today, but that's not true. Some drugs are reviewed after already being put on the market, while others are not subjected to FDA approval (ex: therefore compounded drugs.)

Since the creation of the FDA, thousands of dangerous drugs have been released into the market and caused harmful side effects, including severe illness, and wrongful deaths. While the FDA has increased efforts on finding potentially dangerous drugs, many have slipped through their fingers and made it to the market. 

The FDA is a govern. Therefore it has sovereign immunity, meaning they cannot be sued for approving dangerous drugs onto the market that caused harmful effects. While it is extremely rare to hold government agencies responsible for negligence, holding other parties responsible for your suffering is your deserved right.

Our personal injury attorneys will include all potential defendants in your drug-related liability claim. Considering everyone in the "chain of distribution," helps protect your rights as well as preventing others from being harmed or suffering serious death in the future. Possible responsible parties include manufacturers, testing laboratories, pharmaceutical sales reps, doctors, hospitals or clinics, and pharmacies.  

Free Pharmacy Error Case Review     

Types Of Pharmaceutical Lawsuits

Physician Error Liability

Medical Professionals are held responsible for prescribing Pharmaceutical Drugs and upholding medical standards. As a result, if a patient becomes injured due to the negligent actions of a medical professional, they could be held liable for the resulting injuries. Your Drug Error Attorney will need to prove that it was because of the negligence of the medical professional that you sustained injuries in order for you to receive compensation. 

A doctor can be held responsible if they; 

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  • Prescribe or Administer the Wrong Medication
  • Prescribe or Administer the Wrong Dosage
  • Fail to Review a Patient’s Prescription Drug Use History
  • Prescribe or Administer Medication that Dangerously Mixes with a Current Medication
Pharmacy Error Liability

It is the legal responsibility of a pharmacist to understand any potential side effects of prescribed medications. The doctor and pharmacist should work together to ensure that the drugs being prescribed will not injure the patient. If you suffer from an injury because of a pharmacist error, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries. 

Dangerous Drugs and Faulty Medical Devices 

Manufacturers and sellers have a responsibility to the public to foresee potential risks and deliver products that are free of defects. Plaintiffs can file defective product liability claims for injuries caused by product defects. Products liability claims fall under the following categories: 

  • Design Defects- These are cases in which it is possible to foresee that a product will cause injury due to its design. The manufacturer may be able to avoid or reduce the injury by changing the way the product is made.
  • Marketing Defects- These are cases where the manufacturer or others give insufficient warnings or instructions or simply fail to warn consumers about a product's foreseeable risks.
  • Manufacturing Defects- These are cases where the design and marketing are proper, but a mistake occurs during the manufacturing process that leads to a defect.   

Hire An Experienced Atlanta Pharmaceutical Litigation Lawyer

Pharmacy Injury Lawsuit Atlanta

Pharmaceutical Drug Lawsuits require professional legal representation. Medical Professionals and Pharmaceutical Drug companies will avoid admitting fault and are often defended by a team of powerful, wealthy lawyers. Only experienced personal injury attorneys will have the skills required to handle a Pharmaceutical Drug Lawsuit. 

Medical professional error and pharmacists misfiling prescriptions and other pharmacy malpractice have been responsible for patients having heart attacks, strokes, elevated blood pressure and can even lead to wrongful death. 

We have a team of experienced Prescription Drug Error Attorneys who successfully represent injured victims. We fight hard for our clients rights making sure justice is obtained and the responsible party cannot injure another innocent victim for a second time. Our Personal Injury Law Firm is not afraid to fight for the fair and full compensation you and your family deserves, contact a Prescription Drug Error Attorney today. 

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