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We understand the laws that impact your situation, and our lawyers have built a reputation on getting results for our clients Georgia workers' compensation laws are designed to protect employees who are injured on the job.

Most employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance in the state of Georgia. 

After an injury accident, many employees have to face high medical bills and hardships due to wage loss.

Others experience severe injuries and may have to come to terms with permanent disability.

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Will I be covered by workers compensation after a workplace injury in Georgia?  

Workers compensation law mandates insurance coverage for injuries or illness sustained at work. The procedure for filing a workers’ comp claim varies from state to state, but mostly always involves an employer, the injured employee, an insurance provider, and medical professionals.

If you are seeking workers compensation benefits, the employee must show an injury or illness was work-related.

Overall, if you were doing something for the benefit of your employer, and you were injured or became ill, then you could be eligible for benefits as long as you meet the other eligibility requirements. If you were hurt in a work-related accident, even if it was YOUR FAULT, you may be entitled to receive compensation. 

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There are many "gray areas" when it comes to workers compensation, although it may seem simple enough there are many situations where the law can get tricky. If you were harmed at work involving any of these scenarios, call your workers' compensation lawyer in Druid Hills for the best legal advice.

  • Lunch Breaks- Usually injuries or illnesses that happen on an employees lunch break are not covered.
  • Company Events- Many companies hold special events such as parties, picnics, or baseball games. And injuries that are sustained at these events are typically covered by workers' comp.
  • Travel-If you are injured on your commute to and from work, your injury is most likely not covered.
  • Misconduct- Depending on the level of misconduct you may still be covered.
  • Pre-existing conditions- In the situation your job aggravates the condition you would most likely be covered.
  • Hearing loss- Some people work in noisy work environments-such as construction sites or manufacturing companies-often suffer hearing loss over time., this injury is usually covered by workers compensation.
  • Mental conditions-If your injuries are job-related then you would be covered by workers compensation   
  • Disease and Illness-If your disease your illness is a result of your work then you are entitled to benefits.  
Workers must meet the following requirements to receive benefits

  1. The person or company you were working for must carry workers’ compensation insurance or be legally required to do so.
  2. You must be an employee of that person or company. (you don’t have to be a full-time employee, as long as you are a regular employee)
  3. Your injury or illness must be work-related, employees can also be undocumented migrants, prisoners, or minors to qualify.  

To protect your rights and obtain a solid case after being injured on the job you must remain compliant to the time-sensitive deadlines when you apply for workers compensation. Therefore, in Druid Hills, our  attorneys will proudly asses all details of your claim and file all legal documents within the statue of limitations.  

What is the "Statue of Limitations" in the state of Georgia?

Unless you are 100% confident that your supervisor or employer witnessed your accident, you must advise one of them about your accident within (30) days. If you wait longer than (30) days, you must put your accident in writing and there must be good reason for the delay.

This notice provision is a legal time Workers' Compensation Attorney in Druid Hills, Georgiadeadline or "Statue of Limitations." Nonfulfillment to take legal actions with a legal or contractual time deadline may result in losing various rights and benefits. You must abide by the notice provisions, unless your employer was aware of your accident.

In the state of Georgia, notice of Claim, must be filed with the Workers' Compensation Board either:

  • One year from the date of injury; or
  • One year from the date of the last authorized treatment paid for by your employer or its insurer; or
  • Two years from the last payment of Workers' Compensation income benefits.

What injury costs are covered by workers compensation?  

Workers’ comp benefits are typically limited to medical costs and partial compensation for lost income (generally 50 to 70 percent of pre-injury wages.) On average, benefits don’t include compensation for pain and suffering. Serious injury cases could call for permanent or partial disability, rewarding in a permanently fixed sum and lump sum settlement.

In the state of Georgia employees that are found eligible are awarded compensation for lost work and medical bills, regardless who is at fault; in exchange, employees surrender their rights to sue their employers for the illness or injury (with a few exceptions). 

What is the maximum medical improvement?

Once you have reached your level of maximum medical improvement (MMI), your treating physician will complete a Return to Work Form. The form notifies your employer and the worker's compensation representative that you are clear to return to work.

Depending upon your health status, your doctor may order lighter work duties while your injuries continue to heal. Your employer should apply the company's return to work policy according to your treating physicians orders.

An effective return to work policy includes:
  • Confirmation that your employer understands the nature and extent of your injuries and your present physical limitations
  • A plan to provide reasonable accommodations to allow you to return and ease back into work safely, free from unnecessary pain and discomfort
  • Clear communication between you, your employer, and, your doctor to expedite your return to your former work duties as soon as medically advisable 
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