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Riverdale, GA Slip and Fall Injury Attorney 

Slip and fall attorney in Riverdale, GA

If you were hurt in a slip and fall accident recently, our Riverdale, Georgia slip and fall attorneys can assist you in filing a lawsuit for compensation.

A slip and fall accident refers to situations when someone trips, slips, or falls as a result of a dangerous or hazardous condition on someone else's property.

Compensation can help with all the bills and expenses you are burdened with.

Whether the slip and fall occurred in a grocery store, shopping mall, or office building, our attorneys can work with you to determine if you have a viable lawsuit.

Failure to shovel snow, clear ice, or fix a broken sidewalk that leads to a slip and fall accident is the fault of the proprietor or tenant of the property. 

Every slip and fall accident is unique, it is to your benefit to hire an experienced slip and fall lawyer.

The key determinant or issue in a slip and fall accident is liability. If you were injured in a slip and fall accident contact our Riverdale Attorneys to ensure your injury case gets deserved justice.

Our Riverdale, Ga Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers are experienced in handling these types of tort cases, and will evaluate the details of your slip and fall accident to determine if you have a valid lawsuit.

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What Defines Slip and Fall Injuries in Georgia ?  

The term slip and fall accident is used in personal injury law to describe a class of cases where a person slips, trips, or falls on another's property. These cases typically fall under a type of law called premises liability.

Premises liability cases usually result when a property owner or manager was negligent-meaning that he or she was aware of hazardous conditions on the property but took no action in correcting the danger or preventing the injury.

The owner of the property you were injured could be held liable for your injuries. Part of finding legal responsibility for a slip and fall accident is identifying whether or not the defendant should have taken preventative measures to prevent the slip and fall from occurring. Another factor in identifying whether or not a party is responsible for the plaintiff's injuries is deciding if the party had control over the conditions. 

A slip and fall accident can happen on any kind of property-private, commercial, or government-owned. There are four general types of “fall” accidents which could lead to the filing of a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

  1. Trip-and-fall accidents, where there is a foreign object in the walking path
  2. Stump-and-fall accidents, where there is an impediment in the walking path
  3. Step-and-fall accidents, where there is an unexpected failure or hole in the walking surface
  4. Slip-and-fall accidents, in which the interface of the shoe and the floor fails, usually because of a slick surface.

What you should do after a slip and fall injury?

Be very cautious about what you say and do after a slip and fall accident. Anything that you say can be used to downplay your injury or shift the blame to you. Riverdale Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer

Conversations with property owners, one of their employees, an insurance adjuster, or any legal counsel other than your own can hurt your case. Even simple phrases like "I'm okay,"or "I didn't see that there,"could be used against you.

Another important step towards showing necessary proof of a slip and fall accident is to seek medical assistance as soon as possible in order to properly assess and treat your injuries. 

Gaps in time from when the injury occurred from when you sought out medical treatment will weaken your claim, so don't wait to seek out health care. 

Slip and Fall Victims Awarded Compensation in Georgia

The categories of compensation that you are entitled to are the same that play into any personal injury claim. That means you could be awarded monetary value for:

  • Medical bills
  • Wage loss
  • Pain and suffering, anxiety, and sleeplessness related to the accident and your injuries
  • Temporary and permanent disability
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Future medical expenses
Slip and Fall Settlement Negotiations 

Slip and fall settlement negotiations are typically divided into two separate and sometimes overlapping negotiations.

  1. The first step in negotiations is to get compensation for hard costs. These payments include monetary costs incurred, whether directly or indirectly, as a result of the injuries sustained.
  2. The second phase of the negotiations is to gain compensation for pain and suffering. These payments are set up for the purposes of compensating you for the non-quantifiable pain you felt and the suffering you withstood as a direct or indirect result of your injuries. Although there is no list stating exactly what is and what is not hard costs, some examples include, ambulance fees, medication costs, emergency room, doctors bills, and even the cost of gasoline used to drive you back and forth to doctors appointments and therapy.
Gathering Evidence for Your Premises Liability Case 

 The decisions about whether or not the condition that caused the slip and fall accident is considered hazardous, and whether the store should have known, can vary due to factors beyond your control, however, you can help yourself by quickly gathering evidence.

  • A complete description of the circumstances leading up to the fall, including the condition of the ground or floor, presence of any debris or objects, etc.
  • What you felt, heard, and saw at the time of the incidence
  • Who was present
  • Any comments made by those who saw or helped after the fall

If possible take photos of the area where you fell. If you were physically hurt, seek medical attention and hold onto any records and bills related to your treatment.

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Time is not on your side if you suffered from a slip and fall injury in Riverdale, Georgia. Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Riverdale, GaThe longer you wait to file a claim, the higher risk you take in obtaining a favorable outcome.

Not only can time hurt your case, evidence can be lost, witnesses can disappear, and details can be forgotten. Don't wait any longer, please give us a call to discuss your opportunity in achieving justice for your suffering. 

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