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Personal Injury Compensation: What is your Case Worth?

Once negligence has been determined in a Need Help With An Accident Injury in Stone MountainGeorgia personal injury case, the defendant must pay the plaintiff for all damages caused by the defendant.

These payments are referred to as compensations and are directly related to your past, present, and future medical bills. Other losses can be factored in depending on each situation, including loss of income, and out-of-pocket expenses.

Putting a dollar value on the total amount of losses is never easy. It often boils down to putting a price on things that don’t have a monetary value such as pain, suffering, and emotional distress.

Understanding Personal Injury Accidents In Stone Mountain  

Personal injuries allude to the legal remedies and defenses involved in civil lawsuits brought as a result of wrongful conduct. As a matter of fact, the word tort comes from the Latin word, which means “twisted or wrong."

Most personal injury cases are based on the doctrine of negligence. The ideology of negligence requires every person of society to act responsibly and avoid putting others at risk. On the other hand, accidents will never be completely avoidable, and the doctrine recognizes that some accidents are simply unavoidable. That's why when proving negligence in a personal injury claim the plaintiff must show that a reasonable person in the defendants position would have acted different under the circumstances.

Personal injury law surrounds a number of causes of action besides negligence. Identifying intentional torts is when harm or injury was intentionally and purposefully caused towards the plaintiff. Examples include assault, battery, false imprisonment, trespass, theft, and infliction of emotional distress.

In contrast, there are situations in which the defendants will be liable even though they did everything possible to avoid causing the harm. This is referred to as strict liability. The law will hold the defendant strictly liable if someone was hurt while the defendant is engaging in highly dangerous activity, even if the activity is legal and all precautions were taken e.g. building demolition or transporting hazardous material.

Another frequently seen tort is injuries caused by defective products. Manufacturers can be held liable based on the theory of negligence due to the selling and designing of an unsafe product or strict liability can come into play if certain elements are met and a plaintiff was injured by a defective product. Product liability cases have the potential to involve class action lawsuits involving many plaintiffs and large sums of money judgments.

In many cases to defend against personal injury liability, defendants argue that the plaintiffs did not use due care, and is partially or wholly responsible for their own injuries. The defendant can also claim that the plaintiff "assumed the risk" by willing voluntarily participating in the dangerous sport or activity, or that the plaintiff indirectly gave the defendant permission to take the action that ended up harming the plaintiff.          

To protect yourself against such arguments quickly seek legal counsel and hire a Stone Mountain personal injury lawyer. Obtaining legal guidance can also protect you against unfortunate circumstances of violating the statue of limitations, which is an important factor in personal injury suits.  

The 4 Principles of the Tort Law in Georgia  

  1. The law of tort seeks to compensate victims for injuries suffered by the culpable action (meaning the act was wrong but did not involve any evil intent by the wrongdoer.)
  2. There is a demand for cost of such injuries to the person or persons legally responsible for inflicting harm.
  3. Discourages risky or careless behavior in the future.
  4. Lastly, seeks to absolve legal rights and interests that have been compromised, diminished, or emasculated. 
Making sure third parties are being help accountable for injuries

Under the law, others may be held accountable for your injuries. When pursuing a tort action in a case, identifying the proper defendant can be difficult. This is because the “tortfeasor” who directly harmed the plaintiff- be it a pharmaceutical rep, truck driver, gas station tenant, or other individual-may not have the financial resources to pay a large sum. An experienced injury lawyer in Stone Mountain can pinpoint and sue additional parties who are liable based on their relationship to the tortfeasor, such as an employer or landlord. 

Why Should You Hire A Stone Mountain Personal Injury Attorney?

  • We will put a dollar value on your injury
  • Will use expert witness and testimonials to back your case
  • Has been winning cases and helped thousands of injured clients  
  • Demands justice from all parties who are liable
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What is a contingency fee and can you negotiate this fee?If you have ever researched personal injury lawyers I'm sure you have seen many advertisements along the lines of "If you don't win, you don't pay." This is in short, a lawyers representation of contract, known as "contingency fee agreement." Under a contingency fee agreement your attorney agrees to represent you without any money upfront, in exchange for a percentage of your compensation you receive as the result of a winning case. 

An attorney's fee is usually fixed, but can be open to debate depending on the complexity of the case. The only way to know if your lawyer will accept a lower fee is to ask. If there isn't much fault personal injury lawyer in Stone Mountain, GA involving the case, you may be able to find a less-expensive lawyer.

An attorney that is known for their skill and reputation, usually requires a 40% fee in the instance of a winning trial. Hiring a less-experienced lawyer usually requires a 33% fee. Keep in mind, having a more reputable lawyer represent you will most likely result with a higher compensation in your favor.                                    


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With there being no hard or fast rule on how to calculate pain and suffering, our professional Stone Mountain Attorneys are experienced in deliberating a fair settlement for your losses. Including medical costs, lost income, out-of-pocket expenses, and personal property damages.

It is important to act quickly to preserve your rights, Our accident injury lawyers have a deep background in effectively presenting facts to obtain maximum compensation in injury cases — big or small. As a Georgia personal injury firm, we do everything we can to succeed for our clients. We treat clients like family, while helping them rebuild their lives.

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