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Work Accident Injury In McDonough, GA 

Were you harmed from an on-the-job injury or occupational disease in McDonough, GA?

Our Work Injury Lawyers can help you properly file a job injury claim and gain the benefits you need while your injuries heal. 

Fault does not need to be proven when a work accident occurs. In fact, it doesn't matter if the accident was an employee, co-worker, or employers fault. Just as long as the injury or illness was work-related workers are entitled to benefits and compensation. 

Many employees have to manage high medical bills and financial hardships after having a work accident. Others experience severe injuries and may have to come to terms with permanent disability.

Whatever your accident entails, we are well-versed in the laws and statutes of limitations to ensure your claim is properly handled. Please Contact our McDonough Personal Injury Attorneys Today for the best legal representation throughout Georgia.   
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Understanding Workers' Compensation Fund In McDonough

Workers’ Compensation Laws:

  1. The person or organization you were working for must carry workers’ compensation insurance or be legally required to do so.
  2. You must be a regular employee (not necessarily a full-time employee) of that person or business. 
  3. Your injury or illness must be work-related, employees can also be undocumented migrants, prisoners, or minors to qualify.  

Employers that employ 3 or more workers must carry insurance coverage for work-related injuries or occupational disease. The procedure for filing a workers’ comp claim varies from state to state, but mostly always involves an employer, the injured worker, an insurance provider, and medical professionals.

Workers compensation in McDonough is a no-fault system, constructed to provide benefits to employees’ while shielding them from lawsuits. If you sustained an injury while on-the-job then you are most likely eligible for benefits; however, if you do not comply to the "statue of limitations," your accident injury claim may be denied.

Proving fault becomes an absent concept when it comes to workers’ compensation and many times matters can be resolved without going in depth with the courts. In the state of Georgia, employees who are awarded workers' compensation surrender their rights to sue their employers for their illness or injury (with a few exceptions). 

There are still many circumstances when hiring a McDonough Work Place Lawyer is necessary due to coverage limits or denial of benefits.

What type of on-the-job injuries are covered?
  • Aggravation of pre-existing conditions
  • Injuries sustained on business property or at a company-sponsored function
  • Injuries caused by company owned assets, like mechanical equipment
  • More severe injury cases include diseases caused by exposures to hazards, such as benzene, asbestos or silica dust; rashes brought on by exposure to cleaning chemicals or gasoline.
What on-the-job injuries are not covered? 
  • Injuries resulting from horseplay at work
  • Injuries occurred while drunk or in an impaired status
  • Employees injured while traveling to and from work, (only a few states provide coverage) unless the transportation is provided by the employer.

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Does Workers' Compensation Cover Lost Income? 

Workers' Compensation coverage is designed to cover medical costs and partial compensation for lost income (generally 50 to 70 percent of pre-injury wages.) On average, benefits don’t include compensation for pain and suffering; if your accident is more perverse, our personal injury attorneys can assist you in filing a separate lawsuit to compensate victims any "general damages," that a victim may have lost.

 A serious work injury is a both a medical and financial crisis. One of the most difficult things about a serious work injury is dealing with the isolation and stress that comes with such a debilitation injury.  Serious injury cases could call for permanent or partial disability, rewarding in a permanently fixed sum or lump sum settlement. Studies show that older workers have a lower incidence of job injuries, compared with younger workers, but tend to sustain more severe impairments when injuries do occur.

McDonough, GA Workers' Compensation Lawyer

If you suffer from a serious injury resulting in permanent or partial disability, our McDonough Social Security Disability Attorney's will help you understand your legal options and benefits about your injuries.   

How to Afford Medical Treatment After a Work Injury? 

Depending on the state you live, your employer is required to pay for your medical bills until a conclusion has been made to accept or deny your claim, at least for a certain amount. If your claim is approved, your company will continue to pay for your medical bills for approved treatment.

On the other hand, if your application is rejected you can pay your bills and seek reimbursement from the worker's comp insurance company once the denial is overturned.

Or some doctors will treat on what is known as a "lien basis," meaning that payment for your bills will come out of any recovery you get through workers comp. In the meantime, some states have a temporary disability insurance program; you may be eligible to apply for these short-term benefits to make up for some of your out-of-pocket costs.  

How Do you Know When It's Safe to Return to Work? 

Once you have reached your level of maximum medical improvement (MMI), your treating doctor will complete a Return to Work Form. The form notifies your company and the workers' compensation representative that you are clear to go back to work. 

Depending upon your health status, your doctor may order lighter work duties while your injuries continue to heal. Your employer should apply the company's return to work policy according to your treating physicians orders.

An effective return to work policy includes:

  • Confirmation that your company understands the nature and extent of your injuries and your present physical limitations
  • A plan to provide reasonable accommodations to allow you to return and ease back into work safely, free from unnecessary pain and discomfort
  • Clear communication between you, your employer, and, your doctor to expedite your return to your former job duties as soon as medically advisable 

How A Work-Injury Lawyer Can Help You 

Our McDonough Workers' Comp Attorneys tend to have a better understanding of the merit a claim holds than the workers they represent. If you are denied benefits, we are highly experienced at negotiating and structuring work-injury appeals. Our lawyers will compile the following factors and build your case based on your compensation deserved: 

  1. The extent of your injuries and your resulting functional limitations
  2. Your disability rating
  3. Whether the disability is partial or total
  4. Whether the disability is permanent or temporary
  5. Your previous wages, and 
  6. The cost of past, present, and future medical treatments    

The workers' compensation laws can be complicated and tricky especially when you don't know the legal guidelines and jurisdiction regulations about your state's administrative workers' comp agency. Hiring an attorney will ensure that your case will be heard whether it be in front of a judge or negotiating with insurance companies your rights will be protected.  

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