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5 Things NOT to Do After a Car Accident

Car Accidents can happen without warning, leaving everyone involved in stressful situation. For both of these reasons our judgment may be off directly following the crash. There are a few things that you should absolutely NOT do following a motor vehicle collision

Do NOT Do the Folowing 5 Things

1. Leave The Scene: No matter the circumstances of the crash, you should never leave the scene of an accident. Even if there appears to be no damage to the vehicles, do not simply drive away as if nothing has happened. 

2. Forget to Call the Police: The police should always be called even if nobody appears to be injured. Some injuries take a few days to become noticeable and without a police report, you may be stuck with paying out of pocket for your medical expenses. Having a police report is crucial to establishing fault for the car accidentThings never to do after a car accident

3. Admit Fault: Never admit fault after being involved in a collision. Many people immediately exit their car and begin to apologize for the accident even if it was not their fault. It is always better to check if everyone is fine and call the police to determine fault. 

4. Speak to Another Person's Insurance Company: You should never give a verbal or written statement to the other party's insurance company. They may try to trap you into admitting fault even if it was not. 

5. File a Lawsuit on your Own: If you wish to file a lawsuit after being involved in an auto accident, never file one without the help of a car accident attorney. There are many complicated legal issues that could arise during this process and trying to handle it alone could end up costing you a lot of money. 

Personal Injury Car Accident Lawyers in GeorigaAfter a Car Accident You Should contact a Perosnal Injury Attorney

If you were involved in a car accident that was not your fault and wish to file a claim in order to receive compensation for your injuries and damages, be sure to contact an experienced Car Accident Injury Attorney to represent you. 

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