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Can You File A Slip and Fall Claim On Government Property?

Ever wondered about filing an injury claim after a slip and fall on government property?

If you have ever slipped and fallen in public, initially you look around with an awkward stare, hoping no one within sight just witnessed your embarrassing tumble.

However, in some cases, these injuries can be severe leaving victims in astonishing pain and with costly medical bills. However, many people don’t realize their accidental fall could have been prevented, and they may be able to hold the property owner responsible for their injuries.  

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The Most Common Work-Related Injuries

 Common Work Injuries in Georgia

Work-Related Injuries can be severe, causing disability and ultimately changing the victim's life, not only with work but also in their personal life. 

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Common Causes of Slip and Fall Injuries in Georgia

Over one million people suffer from Slip and Fall Injuries every year. Whether your unintentional accident happened due to a slippery surface on someone else's property, an unsafe job site while you were working, or even because of a cluttered walkway at the grocery store, Georgia has a law requiring all home and business owners to be responsible for their property.

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