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Top 3 Occupations That Cause The Most Work Injuries

Injuries at work happen more frequently than most people think, and until you are the one hurt, you probably won’t pay much attention to occupational dangers, unless you are customized to a dangerous work environment or substantially risky processes.  

The costs of work-related injuries and illnesses include direct and indirect costs. Direct costs Top Occupational Injuries Cases in Georgiacomprise workers’ compensation payments, medical expenses, and costs for legal services.

Examples of indirect costs include training replacement employees, accident examination and implementation of corrective measures, lost productivity, improvements of damaged equipment and property, and costs associated with lower employee morale and absenteeism.  

Work injury lawsuits usually occur when the employee believes their injury was caused by their employees’ carelessness or mismanagement.

Any time a worker is injured at their place of employment, they should explore the details in receiving workers’ compensation benefits for their illness or injury.

All in all, it does not matter if the accident was the direct fault of the employee, he or she is still qualified to receive compensation as long as the injuries were work-related. The following work-related injuries often appear and sometimes result in lawsuits against the employer.   

Top Three On-The-Job Injuries 

  1. Restaurant Kitchen Injuries- If you work in a restaurant kitchen it can be profoundly dangerous if an employee is not cautious or if management neglects to train its employees in sustaining a safe work environment properly. Frequent kitchen injuries include slip and falls, burns, strains caused by transporting items, and cuts. Many times the injury is caused by lack of discretion on the part of the employee, but in other situations, the injury is a direct result of a manager not taking the proper safeguards or providing poor work orientation material.For instance, if a manager does not tell a worker to wear non-slip shoe wear, or permits the employee to work in the kitchen knowing he or she is not wearing non-slip shoes, then any subsequent slip and fall would the fault f the manager.     
  2. Heavy Machinery Accidents-Heavy machinery accidents can occur in a wide assortment of forms, from minor marks and bruises to serious life altering accidents. Individuals that work in the building, agriculture, warehouse management, factory work, and road construction injuries are particularly at stake for being injured during the use of heavy machinery on the job. If oil mining equipment is not inspected for necessary repairs or maintenance, this can be especially dangerous.Defective oil mining equipment can end with severe or even fatal injury, which is why the companies who employ oil minors are responsible for overseeing safe and well-maintained equipment.
  3. Construction Injuries- Construction injuries are exceedingly common and can include small to significant injuries, depending on the equipment and processes involved in the project. In certain situations, construction workers are injured because their supervisor fails to take the necessary steps or places the crew in an unsafe situation. If the building company provides low-grade equipment and a worker suffers injuries because of a lack of oversight, or dangerous building conditions, then an employee may also have a case for a workplace injury lawsuit. If a construction worker is hurt performing a duty that was instructed by their supervisor, but the relevant advisories and guidelines were not introduced first, then that employee has a substantial chance of suing their employer for neglect to provide the proper equipment, preparation, or precautions. Thereby, construction supervisors should be firm about conducting thorough safety checks to prevent liability in the event of a work injury.

Heedless of whether you feel your work injury was the fault of your manager or yourself, you should always speak with a Georgia work injury lawyer, especially if the injury is damaging enough to make you miss work or hinder pain and suffering while continuing to work.

Top 3 Jobs That Cause Work InjuriesThere are many people unaware that they may be able to receive a large monetary settlement from their employer, so discussing your legal options with a professional during a free consultation can only help your injury claim.

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