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What Are The Most Common Personal Injury Cases

Common Personal Injury Accident Cases 

Personal Injury Accidents occur every single day, making them an inevitable part of life. When accidents are severe, the injured party may be able to file a Personal Injury Lawsuit and obtain compensation for their suffering. 

The purpose of a personal injury claim is to compensate those who were injured because of another's reckless or careless behavior.

Monetary compensation can be awarded for physical damages, emotional stress, lost wages, loss of companionship, and medical expenses. 

Each personal injury claim will require its own set of laws and procedures for the victim to receive the compensation that they deserve. When looking for assistance, it's always advised that you contact an experienced Personal Injury Attorney for legal help. 

Some of the most common cases that a Personal Injury Attorney will handle include: 

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Car Accident Cases 


The most common personal injury claim is one that arises because of motor vehicle accidents.

This includes: 

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles 
  • Bicycles 
  • Buses 

Most vehicle accident claims involve both injuries to the driver and passengers, along with vehicle damages. 

Unfortunately, car accidents occur every single day, leaving many people with very serious injuries and personal damages. When an accident occurs as a result of another's negligence, you deserve to be compensated for your suffering. 

Hiring an attorney after a motor vehicle accident is your best chance to obtain the compensation you are owed. 

Slip and Fall Cases 

Slip and Fall Accidents can result in very serious injuries, and if you believe your accident was the result of an unsafe environment, a personal injury claim can be made. Slip and Fall CasesIf you're a customer at a store, visiting a building, or even a partygoer at a neighbor's house, it's up to the property owner to maintain their property and fix any dangerous conditions that could cause injury to another. 

In a slip and fall accident case, it needs to be proven that the property owner was negligent, and therefore the injuries that were suffered can be blamed for their carelessness actions. 

Proving fault in a slip and fall accident case can be very difficult to handle without the help of an attorney. Often, the property owner will retain a lawyer of their own to try and prove that the victim was partially at fault for the accident and offer way less money than what is actually owed. 

Work Injury Cases 

Casualty-at-workWork-Related Injuries often result in personal injury claims. When an employee suffers from an injury or illness that happened on the job, a workers' compensation claim can be filed. 

Your employer is legally responsible for ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for their employees. If you suffer a work-related injury, it's important to know what your responsibilities are during a workers' compensation claim, so you have the best chance at obtaining the compensation that you are owed. 

Hiring an experienced workers comp attorney will be your best chance at receiving all the benefits that you are owed. They will make sure that you follow all of the necessary procedures during your workers' compensation claim. 

Medical Malpractice Cases 

Medical Malpractice Cases are often very controversial. In order to file a medical malpractice claim, it must be proven that the doctor or hospital violated the reasonable standard of care that was owed to you as a patient, and because of this, you were harmed. 

Medical malpractice injuries can have life-long effects on the injured and should be addressed immediately.

Common PI Cases | Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice lawsuits almost always require the help of an experienced attorney who will find medical experts that are willing to testify on your behalf regarding the negligence that occurred. It will be up to your attorney to evaluate your case and contact witnesses who are willing to testify on your behalf. 

If you believe you were injured as a result of a medical malpractice error, you should not hesitate to contact an attorney for legal help. 

Product Liability Cases 

Defective products cause thousands of injuries each year. Manufacturers and sellers are required by law to meet the ordinary expectations of the consumer concerning function and safety. 

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Product liability claims are made against the manufacturers or distributors of a defective product. There are countless products on the market, so it's not uncommon for someone to suffer from a product liability injury. 

In a product liability lawsuit, instead of the injured proving negligence like other personal injury claims, it is actually up to the manufacturer to prove that they were not negligent or guilty for the injury that occurred. 

If you believe you suffered an injury due to a defective product, hiring an attorney will be your best chance at obtaining the settlement amount that you deserve. 

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney for Legal Help 

If you were involved in an accident and believe it was caused by someone else's negligence, your first step should be to contact an experienced PI attorney for legal help. 

It is never advised to try and handle an accident lawsuit without legal help. There are so many rules and regulations for each different accident, and if you are not well versed in the various laws, you can get taken advantage of when it comes to receiving a settlement for your losses. 

The experienced attorneys at Helping the Hurt have the training and skills to help accident victims receive the compensation that they deserve for their injuries. 

We offer a free consultation to see how we can best assist with your injury claim. We will complete a thorough investigation into your accident and help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation you are owed for damages, injuries, and pain and suffering. 

Do not hesitate to contact an experienced Personal Injury Attorney if you were involved in an accident that you believe was caused by someone else's negligence. 

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