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Accidents resulting in injuries happen all around us every day. If you have been injured due to the negligence of someone else in Duluth, Ga, our personal injury attorneys can help you get the justice you deserve.

Personal injury accident lawyers Duluth, GA Many people throughout the United States have suffered injuries and never rewarded any compensation. Call our Personal Injury Lawyers in the Duluth Offices to get answers to your questions. We are highly trained at building your distinct case from the ground up.

Remember your claim is only as good as the evidence that supports it. The more detail you are able to provide our Duluth attorneys legal team the better. In the unfortunate event of an accident injury, gathering names, addresses, and phone numbers of witnesses, doctors and other medical care providers that treated you is crucial in determining  whether you have a solid case.

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Some personal injury cases entail a lawyer and some don’t. Regardless of your situation, our highly experienced Duluth attorneys will educate you on everything you need to know to win your case.

What is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injuries allude to the legal remedies and defenses involved in civil lawsuits brought as a result of wrongful conduct. As a matter of fact, the word tort comes from the Latin word, which means “twisted or wrong.”

What Happens When a Lawsuit is Filed?

You become the plaintiff in the case and the person who injured you becomes the defendant.

Attorneys for each side (and for the insurer), typically begin gathering facts through exchange of documents, and written questions. Depositions are gathered as well, consisting of, questions that are asked in person and answered under oath. This process is called discovery. After discovery, a large amount of cases are settled before trial. Only a small amount of personal injury cases ever go onto trial.

The Four Principles of the law of Tort

  • The law of tort seeks to compensate victims for injuries suffered by the culpable action (meaning the act was wrong but did not involve any evil intent by the wrongdoer.)
  • There is a demand for cost of such injuries to the person or persons legally responsible for inflicting harm.
  • Discourages risky or careless behavior in the future.
  • Lastly, seeks to absolve legal rights and interests that have been compromised, diminished, or emasculated. 

In comparison to criminal law, a tort action does not consist of the government prosecuting the wrongdoer. More precise, these cases involve a private plaintiff seeking compensation (usually cash) for the harm caused by the defendant’s actions.

The 3 kinds of wrongful conduct involving Personal Injury Claims

  1. Strict Liability- Is growing in tort law, and is becoming more substantial. The law holds designers and manufacturers responsible for injuries and defective products. This includes designing and selling unsafe products. Or, if certain elements are met, plaintiffs hurt by a defective product.
  2. Intentional wrongs- Even though rarer, intentional wrongs can still be categorized as a personal injury claim. If someone strikes you, for example, even as a joke, you could have a case for battery. Or if a store detective mistakenly detains you for shoplifting, you may be able to win a suit for false imprisonment. In other situations, the defendant acts purposefully to harm the plaintiff. Examples include assault, battery, and infliction of emotional distress.
  3. Negligence- This the most common of all conducts. The legal definition states that someone can be held liable for injuries and property damage if their behavior falls short of reasonable standards.

To decide whether conduct is reasonable or not, our Duluth Accident Injury Attorneys carefully investigate the circumstances that led to the wrongdoing, hen decide what a reasonable person would have done under these conditions. Actions that are decided not reasonable under those circumstances can be classified as unacceptable, or negligent conduct.

Accident Injury Lawyer In Duluth, GA What is defined as negligent in personal injury cases

Most personal injury cases are based on the ideology of negligence. Negligence holds standards for society to behave responsibly and avoid putting others at risk. That doesn’t inquire that in the event someone does become injured or harmed that negligence wasn’t a factor. Negligence does acknowledge the fact that some accidents are unavoidable. To show liability, the plaintiff must show evidence that a reasonably sensible person in the defendant’s position would have acted differently in that circumstance.

Our legal team will obtain medical records, interview witnesses, retrieve police reports, and any other documentation needed to deliver the evidence bringing forth guilty parties who are at fault.   

Examples of Negligence

  • Car Accidents caused by drunk drivers
  • Dog Bite when inhuman animals are permitted to roam free
  • Toxic Mold due to a landlords’ inadequacy to uphold health and safety regulations
  • Medical Malpractice caused by medical professionals misdiagnosis
Personal Injury Compensation: What is your Case Worth?

Once negligence has been determined in a Georgia personal injury case, the defendant must pay the plaintiff for all damages caused by the defendant. These payments are referred to as compensations and are directly related to your past, present, and future medical bills. Other losses can be factored in depending on each situation, including loss of income, and out-of-pocket expenses. Putting a dollar value on the total amount of losses is never easy. It often boils down to putting a price on things that don’t have a monetary value such as, pain, suffering, and emotional distress.

Our Duluth legal staff are highly trained at building your distinct case from the ground up. Remember your claim is only as good as the evidence that supports it. The more detail you are able to provide our legal team the better. Including names, addresses, and phone numbers of witnesses, doctors and other medical care providers that treated you. The relevancy of this information is crucial in determining  whether you have a solid case.     

Our Duluth Attorneys will hold all guilty parties accountable

Under the law, others may be held accountable for your injuries. When pursuing a tort action in a case, identifying the proper defendant can be difficult. This is because the “tortfeasor” who directly harmed the plaintiff- be it a pharmaceutical rep, truck driver, gas station tenant, or other individual--may not have the financial resources to pay a large sum.

An experienced injury lawyer in Duluth can pinpoint and sue additional parties who are liable based on their relationship to the tortfeasor, such as an employer or landlord.       

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With there being no hard or fast rule on how to calculate pain and suffering, our professional Duluth
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