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Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Lithonia

Do you need legal help after being involved in an accident injury in Lithonia, Ga? Our personal injury attorneys can help get your lawsuit started with a Free Case Review to discuss your injuries, address your questions and concerns and begin preparing a solid case against the negligent party.

Our top rated Lithonia personal injury attorneyhave the skills and knowledge to protect your legal rights and get you the compensation you deserve. If you were hurt in a car accident, injured while at work, involved in a slip and fall accident, or any accident that wasn't your fault Contact Our Georgia Law Offices today. 

Accident Injury Help in Lithonia, GA

Types of Accident Injury Cases Our Lawyers Handle and Specialize in:
Auto Accident Injuries

Car accidents seem to be the most common in personal injury accidents and everyday people are injured in vehicle crashes in Lithonia. Not only can car accidents cause serious injury, they are also very stressful, both physically and mentally.

Trust out car accident injury lawyers we have the experience and knowledge to fight for your injury accident lawsuit.personal injury attorney Lithonia, GA

Work Injuries

If you were harmed while on the job and suffered from injuries or occupational illness you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits. More often than not workers compensation claims get denied by employers or insurance companies. 

Our Lithonia worker injury lawyers will ensure your claim gets processed and your benefits are awarded.

Social Security Benefits

No matter your circumstance, obtaining social security benefits may be very difficult. The Social Security Disability System contains a very complex set of rules and regulations making it extremely difficult for the average person to receive payments.

If you were denied Social Security Disability Insurance our Lithonia legal staff may be able to help you. 

Other Injuries our Injury Firm helps with:

If you have been injured in an accident that wasn't your fault, our Lithonia Attorneys can evaluate your case and determine if any compensation should be awarded. These accidents may include:

  • Truck Accidents
  • Slips and Falls
  • Pharmaceutical Claims
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Claims
  • And other various Personal Injury Claims

We can help put a dollar value on your injury. Our legal team serving Lithonia will carefully gather all facts, interview all individuals necessary, determine your losses, and hold the involved parties liable for the extent of your injuries.Free Personal Injury Case Review 

What is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injuries allude to the legal remedies and defenses involved in civil lawsuits brought as a result of wrongful conduct. As a matter of fact, the word tort comes from the Latin word, which means “twisted or wrong.”

3 types of Damages that may be awarded in a Personal Injury Case:

  • Economic Damages- These damages are actual expenses related to the injury that can be documented with receipts, such as, medical bills, medical devices, rehabilitation costs, documented lost wages, related prescription drugs. 
  • Non-economic damages- Such as pain and suffering that may be rewarded, depending on the situation. These damages are harder to assign a value to, but an experienced injury attorney will have the knowledge on how to best present the case if this type of reward is deserved.
  • Punitive Damages- Are only awarded in cases where the defendant was grossly negligent or intended to cause harm. Punitive damages are intended to punish the wrongdoer and prevent similar action in the future.

To decide whether conduct is reasonable or not, our Lithonia Injury Attorneys carefully investigate the circumstances that led to the wrongdoing, then decide what a reasonable person would have done under these conditions. Actions that are decided not reasonable under those circumstances can be classified as unacceptable, or negligent conduct.

Examples of Negligence that We Can Help With


Understanding your legal fees for personal injury cases

If you have ever researched personal injury lawyers I'm sure you have seen many advertisements along the lines of "If you don't win, you don't pay." This is in short, a lawyers representation of contract, known as "contingency fee agreement." Under a contingency fee agreement your attorney agrees to represent you without any money upfront, in exchange for a percentage of your compensation you receive as the result of a winning case. 

An attorney's fee is usually fixed, but can be open to debate depending on the complexity of the case. The only way to know if your lawyer will accept  a lower fee is to ask. If there isn't much fault involving the case, you may be able to find a less-expensive lawyer.

An attorney that is known for their skill and reputation, usually requires a 40% fee in the instance of a winning trial. Hiring a less-experienced lawyer on average charges a 33% fee. Keep in mind, having a more reputable lawyer represent you will most likely result with a higher compensation in your favor. Our attorneys represent the injured off of a contingency basis, we don't take a single dollar unless we win your case. There is zero risk, we are here to help 24/7, call our Lithonia legal team. 

Our Top-Rated Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Lithonia

When our experienced legal team takes on your claim we will thoroughly investigate your injury claim, exploring how the accident happened, your background, your medical condition, and medical treatment. Smaller personal injury claims are typically settled before a lawsuit is ever filed. Our Lithonia personal injury lawyers will make a demand to the other attorney or the other sides insurance company.Best Accident Injury Lawyers in Lithonia, Ga

However, if your claim involves a serious injury, permanent injury, or impairment we will not settle unless a suit is filed. Our expert lawyers won't make a demand until our client has reached a point of Maximum Medical improvement (MMI). MMI is when the plaintiff has ended medical treatment and is as recovered as he/she is going to get. This is because, until a plaintiff as reached a MMI, the lawyer does not know how much the case is worth.

Our Atlanta, Georgia Injury Law Offices offer the best legal representation for your personal injury claim, we have helped thousands of cases similar to yours gaining millions in compensation dollars, don't wait we are passionate towards your injuries and are here to help.

Why Should you Hire our trusted Accident Injury Attorneys?
  • We will put a dollar value on your injury 
  • Will use expert witness and testimonials to back your case
  • Has been winning cases for injured victims and protecting their rights for years 
  • Demands justice from all parties who are liable
  • Available 24/7 to answer questions or assist

Our Lithonia accident injury lawyers are highly trained at building your distinct case from the ground up, and we can help put a dollar value on your injury. Remember your claim is only as good as the evidence that supports it. The more detail you are able to provide us the more helpful we can be in getting you a better settlement. Protect yourself by getting a Free Consultation with one of our lawyers today!

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